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Pakistan's Karakoram Highway at the border with China - September 2015.

About Us

We're true romantics at heart, and it's our passion for romance that inspired us to create West Coast Weddings - so we can help couples capture the beautiful moments of their Wedding Day and create timeless memories that can be enjoyed forever. 

We have experienced first-hand the disappointment of engaging a 'professional photographer' to shoot our own Wedding Day - only to receive photos that underwhelmed us in every possible way and which were quickly hidden away, never to be displayed or looked at again.


Five years later we travelled to the Isle of Skye to renew our wedding vows and get some photographs of our Vow Renewal Ceremony that we would be proud to display in our home. Every day now we enjoy stunning photos and beautiful artwork that remind us of our special day - and it's this high standard we achieve when we provide photography and videography services to our wedding couples because you deserve only the very best!

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