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Policy and Practice for Managing COVID-19



In response to COVID-19 spreading beyond what we could have ever imagined here in Australia, we’ve taken some steps to ensure the safety of ourselves and our clients remains a top priority. For your peace of mind, we’re taking all the necessary precautions to help manage the risk so we can be fit and healthy for your wedding, including the following:

  • We are Fully Vaccinated

  • Conducting meetings over the phone or via Zoom wherever possible

  • Minimising our time in large group settings

  • Continuing to wear masks and social distancing

  • Using rapid antigen tests to ensure we’re negative and safe to attend weddings

This also means that from now on our services will only available for weddings where the couple are fully vaccinated and their wedding ceremony/reception is at a reputable venue who will be qualifying all vendors and guests attending as being fully vaccinated. We hope you understand this is to keep everyone safe.

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