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  • Why should we choose West Coast Weddings?
    As a boutique studio, and a husband and wife team we offer Personalised Service by the business owners themselves. We shoot every wedding ourselves - not outsource our work to other photographers. We always meet with our couples, get to know them and build a strong rapport and relationship well before your wedding day so on your wedding day its like being with two friends supporting you and who have got your back rather than strangers being paid to do a job. We will ensure that your wedding coverage is all you hoped for through dedication to every detail and nuance and ensuring your expectations are not only met, but exceeded. It’s what we do best! Organisational skills and Managing the Unforeseen – in other lives we were executive level government managers for many years, and have well honed organisational skills with the unique ability to help you successfully plan your wedding, allowing for unexpected delays and keeping you calm and relaxed. Even the best planned Wedding won’t totally go according to plan on the day - when this happens you can rely on us to take a cool, calm and collected approach in dealing with any challenging situations - we are creative divergent problem solvers - we’ve got this! Passion – “Meraki” is doing something with great soul, creativity and love - when you put something of yourself into what you’re doing or your work - you leave a piece of you behind. We put our hearts and soul into every Wedding we are privileged to share. We invest a lot of time in getting to really know you and connect with you on an emotional level so that we can truly tell the narrative of your love story when your special day arrives. We tell your love story as if it’s straight from the silver screen. We are natural perfectionists - and no detail is too small that is important to our couples. Many people comment on our great attention to detail and professionalism – we work with you from the very start to ensure we know and understand what those importing touches, or moments will be in your wedding and make sure we capture them for you in exactly the way you dreamed. We will offer you the benefits of our wealth of knowledge and experience through advice on things to consider, timelines and having back up plans - so you can relax knowing everything will be under control on the day and your memories are in safe hands. Exceptional People skills – as long-term executive managers we have worked with a variety of cultures, religions, ages, genders and ethnicities. We are the consummate professionals and we understand that Weddings can be stressful times for families - our empathy, compassion and humour are second to none - we treat you like family offering only the best for you.
  • Why should we hire a professional photographer & videographer?
    Weddings can be expensive and some people consider having a family member or friend take their photos and videos, or using a cheap “shoot and burn” photographer (who may or may not be experienced or professionally qualified). However, this is very risky and many brides are left in tears after the wedding by the decision to scrimp on their photography - myself included (The Biggest Mistake Couples Can Make - Choosing a Photographer Based on Price ). Blurry, out of focus and poorly composed photos by amateur or inexperience photographers can’t be fixed in Photoshop - and have the potential to leave you absolutely heartbroken. When you consider that long after the last dance is over, the flowers have wilted, the cake has been eaten and the dress has been stored - what you will have is your photographs and video/film as keepsakes for ever to relive that day and those moments over and over - it’s worth the investment of hiring a professional. ​ AIPP (Australian Institute of Professional Photographers) accredit only those quality photographers who meet their stringent industry standards across three interstate judges and bind their members to codes of conduct and ethics - so you know your are in professional hands. By hiring West Coast Weddings you know you can have total piece of mind that we have the expertise to do the job to this highest professional standards and that your Wedding Day will be captured the way you want. ​ You are paying not just for our technical ability, equipment and experience, but our creative artistic vision and design for both capturing your images on the day and in your album and artwork afterwards. ​Not all photographers are Wedding Photographers, it’s an art to one of the most complicated and difficult genres of photography, due to the significance and stress of the day, time constraints and the inability to turn back time for potentially missed moments by an inexperienced photographer.
  • Why is wedding photography so expensive?
    How much value you place on something will usually determine whether you think it is too expensive or not. Investment in your Wedding photography is an investment in your memories for years to come and does come at a cost. Apart from the expensive equipment required, training, expertise and experience of the photographer, many people think it is simply and hourly rate on the Wedding Day they are paying for. In reality its much more than that, we can spend up to 80 hours or more working on each wedding from time in meetings with the couple, scouting locations, attending rehearsals, engagement shoots, shooting on the day for hours and sorting through thousands of images, editing and retouching them, designing albums and wall art and conducting post wedding appointments. Not forgetting that most weddings are on weekends, and any profession coming out on a weekend is on premium time as it’s time away from their own families and lives. Given the overall cost of your wedding, all you will have left at the end of the day are your photographs and video to remember it by. What are your wedding memories worth to you in the larger scheme of things? So all considered, it’s not really that expensive for the time, expertise, creativity and talent involved and the heirloom memories that will last for generations to come.
  • I don't have a Wedding Planner - can you assist me with my wedding timeline?
    As part of our boutique service we include this kind of advice planning for all our wedding clients specific to their unique Wedding needs, it’s one of the things that sets us apart from other photographers. Here are a few of our blogs for some more general info whilst you consider booking in for your no obligation complimentary Design Consultation with us: 10 Considerations in Choosing your Ceremony Time How to Avoid Dramas on Your Wedding Day Plan Your Wedding Day Photography and Videography Brides Wedding Day Timeline Estimates
  • What is your photography style?
    As a Bespoke Boutique service we work with our couples to create a “Mood Board" so we understand the kinds of images that speak to them and the mood and feel they want us to capture for their wedding. ​ That said we pride ourselves on our unique way of capturing your Wedding Day through a story-driven approach that incorporates a combination of relaxed, candid, documentary or photojournalistic shots and gently directed portraits with a difference - we aim to evoke emotion in our photographs and have fun at the same time. It's amazing what a slight change in angle, head tilt, foot or hand position can do to turn a nice photo into a spectacular one! ​ I like to shoot with natural light, but where needed I use the available ambient light to create mood and texture and also have professional Profoto and Icelight artificial lighting options if required. I you’re up for some creative fun we can play with some tricks that make you feel like your are on a fashion shoot or in a cinematic movie. I’m game if you are?
  • What do we get in our wedding collection and how many hours of coverage are there?
    Because we are story-drive in our approach we offer whole day coverage with varying levels of detail rather that specific hours. This means that ALL of our Collections will have a similar flavour to them with many inclusions going across each one - the differentiations come mostly with the size and style of wedding album and the length of the wedding film, and also how much of the reception coverage your want. Classic Collection Elegant Collection Luxurious Collection All our collection prices are for Perth City and NOR locations within 30km of Tapping 6065. Weddings outside of this may require additional travel costs but chat with us about this. Destination Weddings require an additional Bespoke Quote for associated travel expenses.
  • Who will be my actual photographer and videographer on the day?
    The people who took all the images on this website, that you have fallen in love with will be the same ones that work their magic for your Wedding Day. We are the business owners so you get only the top service from us. Karen Partridge will be the primary photographer at your wedding and Vince Partridge will be your Videographer and second shooter (and possibly Drone pilot if you choose this option).
  • What happens if you are sick on the day?
    We haven’t missed a wedding yet, however if we were unlucky enough to break a leg or end up in hospital where we couldn’t cover your wedding personally - we have a network of other AIPP accredited photographers, Videographers and Casa Drone pilots we would trust with our clients in an emergency. We would ensure that you would have a suitably qualified and experienced professional photographer and/or videographer to cover your day - not us but the the next best thing!
  • Do you bring a second photographer or assistant with you?
    We always work in a team of two, and whilst Karen takes the lead with Photos and Vince with Video and Drone, we can cover for each other and help each other out - that’s the beauty of being a husband and wife team, we can work in complimentary harmony with each other. This allows us to capture special moments from different angles and add a variety of images for you to choose for your wedding album or use in your film and not get into each other’s way! In certain circumstances we may occasionally use other assistants to help with traffic control for the drone, or if two drone pilots are required, but this would be a very rare occurrence.
  • Can we meet with you to discuss our wedding and what will that cost us?
    We never contract a wedding unless we have met with the couple and gone through the Design Consultation Appointment (ideally in person or in some circumstances eg overseas via Zoom). We never charge for this, and it is totally obligation free. ​ We do this because we understand that it can be confusing trying to compare wedding photographers and we want the opportunity to meet with you without any pressure to explain how we are different and what we offer for our clients. The photographer and videographer are the people you will spend the most time with on your Wedding Day so it is critical that you feel relaxed and comfortable with them as well as confident that they will not only meet your expectations, but exceed them! We can’t do that if we don’t fully understand what your expectation are, or if you are not aware of the time required for what you are wanting to achieve - that’s where as professionals we can advise you and work with you to ensure you timeline is realistic for the vision you have of your wedding coverage. If it’s a good fit for us all we can go from there!
  • Can you offer a customised package (collection)?
    Absolutely, a bespoke collection can be put together specifically for your unique wedding situation and a quote provided if our curated collections are not what you want.
  • Are you insured?
    Yes, as AIPP professionals and business owners, we are insured for $20 million in public liability insurance (the industry standard) through a dedicated photographers insurance company (PPIB Photographic Insurance Solutions). If required by any of your venues we can provide a certificate of currency for our insurance.
  • Do you offer videography?
    Absolutely! Check out my blog which gives you all the juicy goss on this - Do I really need a Wedding Videographer and are they Worth It? We work as a husband and wife team providing a fully comprehensive combined Wedding Day coverage for both photography and videography (as well as drone if required).
  • Do you attend the wedding rehearsal and what does it cost?
    Because we know how important it is to capture every special moment we like to attend the wedding rehearsal of our clients wherever possible. This also provides an opportunity to meet the bridal party and family and answer any questions about the big day. It lets us check out the order of things, and make sure we can be in the right place, at the right time, with the right light, and the right angle and nothing gets missed or overlooked. We don’t charge for this - we offer it complimentary.
  • How do you choose where to have the portrait shoots after the ceremony?
    At your Design Consultation we discuss options for your portrait location shoots. Whilst you might have meaningful locations or ideas of your own, we can also make some suggestions to consider depend on your ceremony and wedding reception venues. The key factor here will be distance and time, as well as noting some venues require a prior booking or charge a fee for photographs (eg UWA). If you want to use a location that charges a fee you will be responsible for any charges incurred by the photographer.
  • Can we get digitals only
    We are not a “Shoot and Burn” photography studio. This is often what is offered by amateur or “moonlighting” photographers for a bit of extra money with low costs and overheads whilst they are tying to give up their day job and become full-time photographers or studying photography. At West Coast Weddings our total focus is on providing you with a professional quality service with professional archival products - a Bespoke Wedding Album, Wall Art or Artwork for display in your home, that captures your precious Wedding Day moments to become an heirloom keepsake of family history for generations to come. ALL our Collections include an online gallery, gallery images optimised for social media and all album images as digitals printable up to 8x12” on a Bespoke West Coast Weddings USB.
  • Do you shoot family photos at the wedding?
    A Wedding Day is special not just for the Bride and Groom, but their families and friends too. At your Design Consultation we discuss all the important people who will be attending and ensure they are include in a comprehensive shot list (if that is what the couple want). Sadly so often, the images from your wedding may be the last portraits of significant family members and some of the most treasured possessions of any family. Together we will go over a range of options of how we can fit these kinds of portraits into your Wedding Day. It might be when getting ready before the ceremony, or immediately after the ceremony, or you might wait until the reception - we will help you work out what suits you best.
  • Can we give you an essential shot list?
    Of course you can, this is your wedding after all, but do keep in mind that as a result of your Design Consultation we will actually design one specifically for your Wedding Day that will be what we work from on the day, including any special requests you may have. We encourage our clients to send us examples to share their Pinterest Boards of images they love so we can create a "Mood Board" specifically for their wedding to ensure we get the feel and look they want. Sometimes this can also result in some essential shots they want - we work with you to make sure that your expectations are realistic, and not only met but exceeded!
  • Do you photograph weddings other than in Perth?
    Absolutely - we love to travel! Whilst we are based in Perth, Western Australia, we can cover weddings across the state, interstate or overseas (Covid Travel permitting). Bespoke Quotes can be provided for Destination Weddings.
  • Do you charge extra for wedding outside of Perth City?
    Our Collection prices are for Perth City and NOR Locations within 30km radius of Tapping. Venues outside of this MAY incur a travel charge and if a long distance an accommodation charge. At your Design Consultation we can go through the details of your Wedding and the various locations and venues you require coverage at, and we can work out the relevant costs if required. Destination Weddings require a Bespoke Quote to cover travel and accommodation costs.
  • How do I book my wedding date?
    When you contact us we will first check that we have your wedding date available in our diary. If so we can pencil it in for you if you like whilst we organise your obligation free Design Consultation. If you decide that you want to secure our services for your wedding we require a non refundable booking fee of 30% of your chosen Collection. This secures your date in our diary and no other clients can be booked on that day. As most couples tend to have their wedding on a Saturday these are the days that book out the quickest - so make sure you secure yours early to avoid disappointment!
  • How long does it take to get our photos and video?
    You will receive a couple of “Sneak Peaks” for social media within 3 days of your wedding. In around a week you will receive your Wedding Trailer Video for sharing on social media. Your online gallery which can be shared with family and friends will be ready in approx 12 weeks, and your Album Design Layouts about 2 weeks later. We will also book in your Album and Artwork Consultation Appointment for the big reveal of your Highlight Video and Wall Art. Time frame for delivery of final wedding videos is generally within 12 - 16 weeks from the wedding date, but if there are extra review cycles this can push the date out further. Time frame for your Album and Artwork Consultation and ordering appointment for photographic albums and artwork is usually 12 - 16 weeks from the wedding date. Depending on the products you choose for your photographs, a delivery/collection appointment is generally around 6-8 weeks later, but can be up to 12 weeks from the ordering appointment date for your order to arrive for any exclusive products. All products ordered must be paid in full at the ordering appointment. You will receive ALL of your gallery images optimised of social media and album images (printable to 8x12”) along with your Wedding Videos on a Bespoke West Coast Weddings USB when you collect your album and any other products ordered.
  • How far out do I need to book, and what is the process?"
    It’s not easy to tell how many people will want a particular date, but you can be sure that there is a wedding season (Oct - March) where time is at a premium, that said Weddings can happen all year round and even winter weddings can be spectacular. We have had client bookings as late at 3 weeks before the Wedding or up to a year or more in advance. Because we know how important it is to find the right photographer and videographer for your wedding, you really don’t want to be disappointed that they are not available for your date because you waited too long to book and someone else got your date! So our suggestion is the once you have your wedding venue and date locked in, secure your booking with us asap. Small details like what time the reception will finish or if you want parents albums or not can all be sorted out later and confirmed closer to the date. The important thing is to lock your date in our diary - so that you are not disappointed. To secure your date we required a 30% of your chosen Collection as a non refundable booking fee, which locks it in our diary and means no one else can book that date. The final balance can be paid off incrementally up to 6 weeks before the wedding but must be paid in full no later that that date.
  • Do you travel for weddings?
    Yes, absolutely! We love to photograph in different settings and venues, and for weddings outside of the Perth metro area we can provide you with a bespoke quote on what the travel fee would be.
  • What kind of weddings do you photograph?
    As a boutique bespoke service we work with you to design the ideal coverage for your wedding your way. No matter the size or style of your wedding your unique and individual love for each other and the emotion of the moment is what we capture. From intimate registry office ceremonies to multi day culturally diverse weddings we can design coverage for you and work with you to ensure we show respect for the formalities and customs taking place. We are a non judgmental LGBT friendly studio and experienced in what we call “Phoenix Weddings” - those people who are not marrying for the first time and may want to include their children or grandchildren in proceedings. Karen is also a specialist pet photographer ( and loves nothing more than incorporating your Fur Babies in your wedding day celebrations.
  • Do you offer a "First Look" and how much does it cost?"
    Yes we do and it’s completely free in each of our wedding Collections - if the couple would like it - time just needs to be allocated for it. A ‘First Look’ is usually between the Bride and her Father, or Parents. But it can be the with her Bridesmaids, Grandparents or other significant family members. You only get once chance at the first look or “reveal” as some people call it. Traditionally the Groom gets his “First Look” at the Bride on their wedding day as she is walking down the aisle to the ceremony. However, popularity in Canada and the USA has seen an emerging trend of couples in Australia who decide to have a “First Look” in a private location with each other before the ceremony! This allows them to have some intimate time where they can breathe-in each other on their wedding day for the first time in private, without all their guests watching. It is orchestrated by the photographer who documents this special moment and often results in a very emotional response between the couple that they might not exhibit in public. It also gives them the chance to plan time to have formal location portrait photographs without feeling rushed between the ceremony and joining their guests at the reception. Whilst not for everyone, it also means they get to appreciate each other again at the ceremony - this time with their families looking on.
  • Is a wedding album included in all your wedding collections?
    Absolutely, because every love story deserves a beautiful heirloom wedding album we include an album in every Collection, with the opportunity to upgrade to a larger or more elaborate album if couples wish. Rather than digitals that never get printed or looked at, and can be lost forever if media corrupts or crashes, we want to ensure your family history is printed and there for generations to come. Our curated selection of handcrafted bespoke artisan albums are simply stunning and museum archival quality to stand the test of time.
  • How long after my wedding do I get to see my album design?
    Once your online gallery is up (usually 12-16 weeks), your Album will be designed and draft layouts sent about 2 weeks later. Depending on any changes required your final design will usually be ready by the time you come for your Album and Artwork Consultation Appointment. This is usually 12 -16 weeks after your wedding. Please allow at least 3 hours for this important appointment and all decision makers need to be present. Unlike other Wedding Photographers, we do all the hard work for you! Because artistic design is what we do best - we will surprise you by designing your ultimate perfect wedding album layouts that tell your entire wedding day story and showcase it for you ahead of your Album & Artwork Consultation Appointment. We invite you to celebrate with some bubbles and charcuterie board whilst you relax and enjoy the big reveal! WARNING - Our job is to take the most amazing wedding day photos of you where you have never looked so good and capture those incredible, irreplaceable moments in your family history - your job is to try to resist buying them ALL! This means we might design a much larger album (number of spreads) than in any of our Collections - because we want you to have the most choice of design layouts to select from and we will work together with you to make sure it's absolutely perfect for you and your budget. This is often the time people decide to upgrade their album to include more of those amazing spreads they can't resist and have to have! Got your absolute favourite photo numbers from your online gallery but don't see them in the album? Don't worry if for some reason your favourites are missing, we can easily move things around to ensure you get exactly what you want, the way you want it! If you want to order Wall Art or Artwork in addition to your album, this is the ideal time at this appointment, or if you prefer, we can make a separate appointment specifically for it. Please note any album upgrades or products ordered must be paid in full at the appointment. An in-house layby can arranged in some circumstances if required. Most albums and products arrive in 6-8 weeks but some can take up to 12 weeks. We personally unpack and quality assure all Artwork that comes into our Studio and once satisfied we will invite you come for the big reveal and collect your breathtaking pieces to take home.
  • Can I have extra pages in my album?
    Your wish is our command! The Albums in the Classic and Elegant Collections cannot have extra pages physically added to them, however we offer upgrades to the next curated album. The Classic Collection includes the Expresso Art Album which has 10 spreads 20 pages, but you can upgrade your album to the Grand Express which has 20 spreads 40 pages, or the more luxurious Vogue Album which can be fully customised and can have extra spreads and pages added up to 40 spreads 80 pages. The Elegant Collection includes the Grand Expresso Art Album with 20 spreads 40 pages but you can upgrade your album to the Vogue Art Album which can have extra spreads and pages added up to 40 spreads or 80 pages. The Luxurious Collection includes the Vogue Art Album with 20 spreads 40 pages but you can add extra pages up to 40 spreads 80 pages. If you wish to upgrade your album before the wedding please chat with us about a special rate not available after the wedding.
  • Do you include digital files in your wedding collections (packages)?
    ALL our Collections include an online gallery and you are free to share these with family and friends by sending the link and they can access them from anywhere in the world. You will also be given ALL of the gallery images optimised for social media on a Bespoke West Coast Weddings USB, along with digitals (printable up to 8 x12”) of your album images or any ordered as Wall Art or Artwork. Your online gallery will remain active until you receive your USB.
  • Are the images we receive watermarked?
    Your online gallery will be watermarked but images on your USB will not have watermarks.
  • Do you edit or retouch all the photos we receive from our wedding day?
    The online gallery images and those optimised of social media on your USB will have basic editing and retouching such as colour and tone adjustments, cropping, B&W, sepia, and application of creative effects. Images that are selected for your Wedding Album, Wall Art or Artwork may undergo further enhancements such a skin retouching. Custom retouching or advanced editing in Photoshop can be provided for an additional charge based on the complexity and time taken.
  • Can we print the digitals ourselves?
    The gallery images on your USB optimised for social media are not suitable for printing. Digitals of your Album images or purchased as Wall Art or Artwork are able to be printed up to 8x12” only. These can be printed at home or a photo lab of your choice we recommend you use a professional lab. You can also choose to have us organise to have them professionally printed to museum archival quality for you.
  • What are the benefits of having you print my photos?
    We use a professional printing service only available to professional photographers. They are resized to your desired print size and only the finest printing materials are used guaranteed to last significantly longer than standard print lab or online products.
  • What other products do you offer?
    We offer a carefully curated range of top quality archival products including Wall Art and Artwork click the link below to see more information. West Coast Weddings Wall Art and Artwork Products
  • How do you back-up and store our wedding images?
    We shoot on two simultaneous SD Angelbird cards in each of our camera bodies (we have 4 in total) to ensure a backup in the unlikely, but possible, event that a card corrupts. These are downloaded onto our computers and stored across several systems including a RAID drive and external hard drive. After the collection of your Wedding Album, Wall Art or Artwork we are not required to archive these images and cannot guarantee they will be stored or available at a later date - so couples are encouraged to make all their wedding orders and selections at their Album and Artwork Consultation appointment. An in-house layby can be requested and negotiated if required.
  • What equipment do you use?
    I shoot with two state of the Art, Sony A7 IV mirrorless bodies and a full suite of Sony G Master Lenses. My favourites for weddings are my Sony G Master 24 - 70mm F2.8, my Sony G Master 70 - 200mm F2.8, my Sony G Master Prime 85mm F1.4 and my Sony 90mm Macro OSS F2.8 for those close up detailed shots. Vince uses two Sony A7S3 bodies with access to a full suite of Sony G Master Lenses. His favourite for weddings is his Sony FE 50mm F1.4. He also uses the Sony FE 28 - 135mm F4 Cinema Lens and the Sony FE G Master 24mm F1.4 Our cameras have great low light capabilities, and we use fast lenses, this is because we absolutely love to use natural or ambient light wherever possible. However we do have professional light modifiers, reflectors and portable artificial lighting options - 2 Profit B10 Plus Strobes, 2 Walcott Icelights2, a Profoto A1X Flash and a Sony hvl-f60rm Flash when needed. So we are locked and loaded for action!
  • Do you have partial or half day coverage?
    We work as a bespoke service to meet the unique needs of our clients wherever we can. However, it is not really practical to offer partial day coverage for weddings given the demand for full days on weekends and our story-drive approach to coverage.
  • Can I see a full wedding coverage from start to finish?
    Many photographers will only show you their top “hero” images, but we pride ourselves on the consistency of our work. The easiest way for you to see the kind of coverage we give to a wedding day is to look at our Wedding Albums that tell the love story of the day and the details important to the couple. Expresso Album Vintage Wedding Grand Expresso Album Bell Tower Wedding Luxury Vogue Art Album Perth City Wedding
  • Do you shoot RAW or JPEG?
    I shoot in RAW and develop in Lightroom and/or Photoshop. All digital images are delivered as JPEGs.
  • How many hours will we need to allow for our wedding day photos?
    This can really be a question of “how long in a piece of string?” It really depends on the kinds of images you want to capture, how large the wedding is, how many venues or locations you want involved including the travel time in between etc. But don’t worry we will explore all this in your Design Consultation and come up with the best plan to get you the shots you want in the time you can make available in your wedding day timeline.
  • We have some downtime between events on the wedding day are we charged for that time?
    We don’t really allocate specific hours (eg 4 hrs, 6 hrs, 8hrs etc) to our Collections - we look at the overall coverage of the day to successfully tell your love story. However, within our Collections we do put some restrictions on how early we will start the coverage or how late into the night we allow coverage that’s inclusive - we have an extra hourly fee for those specific situations - we are human after all! Essentially you can’t take time you consider “downtime” (eg an hour or two) and then add it on to either end of the collection coverage to gain extra time. On a wedding day we are never “resting”, apart from toilet stops or to grab a bite to eat we are constantly on the go - we could be backing up images, setting up for the next series of shots, travelling to the next location, taking detailed or venue shots or catching up on any lost photo time due to other unforeseen circumstances. It may be that we get inspired by something unforeseen and suggest the Bride and Groom get involved in some more creative or artistic shots that weren’t scheduled - we are always working.
  • What happens if we need to go over the contracted end time on the day?
    We totally understand that things can happen that knock out your time lines on your wedding day and we will support you and stay on to ensure you can still get the coverage you want. When it comes to the end of the evening we never just pack up and leave, we always come and double check if there is anything more you would like photographed or if you want us to stay on for any reason (eg Sparkler Exit). We have dedicated an entire day to your wedding so it’s not like we have other plans that evening. However, we do need to charge for the extra coverage and we have an hourly rate (or part therefore) just for that very situation. This is not only to cover the extra time we are spending but also the post production time for the extra photographs we will be taking that will need to be processed.
  • How many images will be in my online gallery?
    This varies depending on the size of the wedding, the range of locations and events you want included and the Collection coverage you choose. Generally speaking it’s around 800 to 1500 or so images.
  • What if I lose my USB
    Once you have collected your album, wall art, artwork and USB we are not required to store or archive your images. Therefore we cannot guarantee they will still be available should you loose your USB. We strongly suggest you make at least one copy of it or download it to you computer and use the USB as a back-up. If we do still have your images there will be a charge to retrieve them and redo your USB.
  • If your Collections change or increase in price after we book and pay our deposit will this affect us?
    Absolutely not, the benefit of booking well in advance means not only will you secure you wedding date and be able to have one less thing to worry about in your wedding planning, but you will lock-in your chosen collection at that price! If our Collection prices or inclusions change for any reason, you will still get the coverage you have chosen and pay the price you booked at (we will absorb any cost increases eg albums). However, "additional product" prices such as album upgrades, wall art or artwork cannot not be locked-in as they are not included in your chosen Collection - they are additions in the "More..." pricing. This is because prices from suppliers cannot be guaranteed not to change between the time you book and the time your are ordering your products. Product prices will be whatever is current at the time of your Album Design and Artwork Consultation appointment - we hope you understand.
  • If we cancel the wedding will we be refunded our 30% deposit fee?
    Unfortunately No, this is a non-refundable booking fee used to reserve your date in our diary. This prevents us for being able to accept new clients or enquiries for your date.
  • If we change our wedding date can we use the booking fee towards a future date?
    Generally NO, but this is considered on an individual case based, with the reason for cancelling, the likelihood of being able to rebook your original date with another client, and our availability being taken into account. Be aware that any change in prices since your original date will mean new prices will apply.
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