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Updated: Dec 31, 2021

Deciding who is the best photographer and videographer for your wedding can be a bit of a mine field. There is so much to consider and a lot at stake if you get it wrong - believe me we know from personal experience at our own wedding in 2015.

Your photographer and videographer will be the vendors you spend the most time with, both leading up to your wedding and on the wedding day itself. That’s why it’s critical that you not only love their style and images, the level of service and professional products they offer, but that you actually feel comfortable and confident in working with them and trusting them with your precious memories.

At West Coast Weddings our business model is based on offering our couples only the very best in all we do, and that includes how we actually work together as a husband and wife team, in synchronicity and harmony, ensuring each of us gets the shots we need and backing each other up throughout the day - so you can confidently know that nothing will be missed.

Let me explain, both the photographer and videographer are responsible for capturing your day, and there are some moments that you just don’t get a second chance at. In competing for the prime position to get those shots they can easily get in each other’s way spoiling the shot completely. This is why it is critical that they talk to each other ahead of time and work out a plan so that they can minimise or avoid getting into each other’s shots or preventing each other from capturing those fleeting one chance moments.

We have previously been involved in weddings as just a “part” of the coverage, that is covering just photos or just video, working with other photographers or videographers who were engaged for their particular service. What we have found time and time again was that despite us communicating and having a game plan to work together and not get in each others way, that some people just don’t stick to the plan! They continually prioritise their shots and couldn’t care less how it impacts anyone else. This means that they get into each others shots and ruin what are often irreplaceable moments lost forever!

Who suffers? - the Bride and Groom! When you engage professionals you expect professional results, but when competing companies are working together not everyone puts the couple first! What this means is that couples can end up with important moments missing or with less than stellar shots from either your photographer (because the videographer has got in the way) or the videographer (because the photographer, or their second shooter kept getting in the way), or even worse - both getting in each other’s way and potentially couples end up with poor coverage for both their photography and videography - TOTAL DISASTER!

The still above is extracted from our video when we were covering the videography for this Wedding and it actually became the breaking point for us personally - we vowed NEVER to let this happen to us again - where people agree on a game plan, we keep to it, and they just ignore it completely - continually getting into shot and blocking our video cameras! That’s why we now only work with each other and don’t offer our services for only partial coverage of a wedding any longer - that way we can control the quality you get for both your photography and videography!

By offering our combined services in our West Coast Weddings Collections, you can rest easy in the knowledge that we work seamlessly and cooperatively as a husband and wife, to ensure that nothing gets missed and our couples get the most amazing photography and videography coverage possible.


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