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How To Choose Where to Get Ready On Your Wedding Day.

Often thinking about where you will get ready on your wedding day is left to the last minute… but the ideal time is actually when you are choosing your venue. Here’s why it needs sorting earlier rather than later!

Where you decide to get ready can made a huge difference to the whole experience on the morning of your wedding and set the tone for the whole day - if you’re relaxed, unhurried and uncluttered you will be able to enjoy the lead up to your ceremony and reception rather than stressed, hurried and on the verge of tears!

Your location will also have a huge impact on the quality of your photos and video of these treasured last moments as a single person, with your VIP family and wedding party - especially if there is a reveal happening! Those Pinterest board photos you have loved and saved didn’t just happen by accident! The photographer can only work with what you give them - chaos and clutter, or clean, simple and elegant, limited space and light or lots of room and gorgeous natural light?

You might want to leave from your home, or your parent’s home to be traditional but do consider all the points below when making your final decision. When photographers and videographers quote it can cost a whole lot extra if they have to travel long distances in between locations, and obviously it’s also time they can’t be shooting for you.

So what things do you need to consider when choosing the perfect place?

1. Your Ceremony and Reception Venue(s)

When you are choosing your venue always consider the possibly of getting ready there and spending your wedding night there - because it will be the easiest option by far! When you are visiting the venue in person and being shown around always ask if they have a bridal suite available for use (sometimes they even don’t charge for this) and can you see it? By staying the night before and getting ready there, and staying on your wedding night it lets you eliminate the need for transport! This can save you lots and lots of money, but still be sure the venue meets the other dot points on this list as well!

2. Space

Is the suite or room big enough for your entire bridal party and any family joining you with comfort and space or do you need to organise extra rooms for them. Are there multiple mirrors or is there only one - this will be prime property on the day? Will bags, dresses and accessories, make-up bags etc be accommodated without clutter and still give enough space to hang your dress for those full frame photos on your Pinterest Board you LOVE so much? Are there enough power outlets for charging phones, playing music, for hairdressers and make-up artists to work on multiple people?

3. Character and Cleanliness

It’s become a big trend for Brides to rent a whole property (such as holiday home accomodation) for the weekend to accomodate everyone, but also to create character and style in their photographs with a unique setting that fits with their wedding theme and is close to their other venues. You wont realise how bags and things pile up and the space becomes like a war zone with everyone trying to get ready. So cleanliness isn’t just about how well the cleaner did in vacuuming, dusting the surfaces and polishing the taps - it about no mess or clutter in the background so your photos and film look like a movie set.

4. Natural Light

Light is probably the most important element for your photographs and film. Natural light, particularly window light is very flattering for your photographs - it can be filtered and gentle, or strong and dramatic with the closing of some drapes - it’s a stunner! So lookout for spaces with lots of windows that allow the natural light to pour in and flood the room.

5. Access to the Outdoors

This is not essential, but if you want a variety in your getting ready photographs then outdoor portraits - especially early in the morning or in areas with open shade can be spectacular. So if the location you choose also has some access to nice outdoor locations - either in a garden, or even a cityscape or terrace, it’s like the cherry on top offering different background options. Don’t stress too much about this though, as there will be plenty of other outdoor photo opportunities throughout your wedding day.

6. Location and Timeline

If you decide on a location that is not your venue or not close to it, just be aware of any travel time required, including allowing for traffic jams, and also that transport will need to be organised. Your Photographer and Videographer will not be able to be taking photos or filming if they are driving between locations - so that potentially means less photos to choose from. That said, photos with wedding cars can add a whole different dimension to your wedding album and film, so it’s a bit of a trade off.

Wherever you decide to get ready and leave from for your wedding will not only impact the kinds of photographs and video that you want, but will set the tone for the rest of your wedding day in how relaxed and glamorous you feel - ultimately the place you decide on has to feel right for you!


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