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Updated: Mar 28, 2022

NOV 28, 2020

Jenny and Daragh’s Belltower Wedding

What a special day for you both, surrounded with love and laughter from you family and friends. We were thrilled to share in your celebrations and be trusted with your precious wedding day memories. Jenny you took everyone’s breath away in that gorgeous lace dress, made for the woman with effortless style, substance and passion! - Daragh couldn’t take his eyes off you! And boy do the Irish know how to party – it was great Craic all night long! I wish you all the best as you begin your amazing married life together!

Lots of Love Karen & Vince x

THE DRESS The bride was stunning in a well designed and flattering Grace Loves Lace Inca gown with a unique combination of French and Japanese lace. The statement low back was the wow factor along with the boat neck front and hardly there 7/8 sleaves - it made her unforgettable on the day

Their STORY!

They first met at the Joondalup Rugby Club through a mutual friend (their Best Man, Ross) and Daragh thought Jenny was stunning from the very start. However, the timing wasn’t right with Daragh traveling around Australia making it a 3 year gap. He started texting her as he crossed the Nullabor and again in Karratha – arranging to meet for a coffee in Perth. When she said YES he drove 18 hours straight to see her before she changed her – stopping off to get cleaned up before their meeting. The rest is history! This gorgeous couple had been together for 6 and a half years before getting married.

THE PROPOSAL Daragh had “tricked” her into a getaway at the Pan Pacific Hotel, Perth. Jenny said “He was acting weird - not letting me walk on a certain side (he didn’t want her to notice the box in his pocket) and he, drank my cocktail (probably for a bit of courage!).” He got down on bended knee in the restaurant…she said YES!

THEIR FAVOURITE THINGS TO DO AS A COUPLE: This adventurous pair love to travel – especially if it involves some camping or getting out in their boat. The both like renovations. Jenny said she had to drag him to Bali, but now he is ruined as to the comfort of Villas, Hotels and Resorts.

Funny, romantic or touching story of their relationship

• Their daughter Eileen is named after Jenny’s mother who passed when Jenny was 2 yrs

old – this little cutie is the only girl in all of nine grandchildren from Jenny’s siblings.

• Ships that Passed in the Night - Jenny completed her hairdressing in the small Irish town

of Cork and was there for 7 years. Daragh is from Cork but was living in France at the

time. In 2009 they both came to Perth, lived in nearby suburbs, with lots of connections

to other people, but they never actually met until Ross introduced them.

• The Universe was conspiring to get them together - they both fancied each other from

the start and they just kept running into each other in the most unlikely places.

Bride - 3 things she loves about Daragh

Wonderful caring man”

Passionate about family and work”

Good at fixing anything and enjoys a good night out.”

Groom - 3 things he loves about Jenny

Love the way she makes me feel when I’m around her - she makes me feel


Incredible caring mother”

Passionate about family and a caring person.”

WHY THEY CHOOSE THEIR VENUE: The Perth Belltower - they went to a Wedding Expo and were initially considering the Bell Functions Room – “but we wanted simple! It’s a “Savage Building” - Looks Cool and is iconic to Perth.” Said Jenny.

ACCOMMODATION: The Groom left from home in Padbury, the Bride from the Ritz Carlton, Perth

THE MOST IMPORTANT THING THEY WANTED CAPTURED ON THEIR WEDDING DAY “A Family picture of all the family and a nice one of us as a couple!”

WEDDING STYLE – Jenny described it as “Boho” with “Earthy tones, but keeping it neutral creams, Native flowers in Silk and maybe a Bird of Paradise to symbolise my Dad,”


Photographer/Videographer West Coast Weddings


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