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Updated: Jan 3, 2022

As humans we quickly learn to listen to and "tell stories" from an early age. It feeds not only our mind but our soul - not just for the recipient but the storyteller themselves.

As a professional photographer I can tell your "Love Story", from Engagement and Marriage, to pushing a Baby Carriage - through creative photographs that capture the feel and emotion of those milestone moments in your life and the interweaving of your family legacy for generations to come! The photographs you have on your bedside table or hanging on your walls all tell their individual stories, as do those in your photo albums - there are also stories in those stored digitally but let's be honest, you rarely get to see those! Psychological studies have proven that people who fill their homes with tangible family images tend to have closer family ties and children who grow up in homes surrounded by pictures of themselves and their loved ones are more confident, secure, feel safe and loved. Looking at photographs brings back the thoughts and feelings surrounding that moment in time and can bring peace, contentment and happiness to the viewer as they relive those moments over again - they act as a tangible trigger to retell that story for you! So the next time you have a digital image don’t just file it away to get lost in your computer or laptop or left on some USB key that might get misplaced, damaged or lost - print them and display them where you can see them everyday! Life belongs in print! It’s healthy for you and your family.


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