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The ULTIMATE Planning Guide for Your Wedding - 12 Months Out

You need to book the vendors who are essential to your wedding but who book out fast - you don’t want to settle for your second choice! Why Wedding Photography Is NO Place For iPhones Or Amateurs. Make a short list of wedding photographers/videographers who’s style of work attracts you (always try to get the same company for both so they work really well together and don’t get in each other’s way). Why Are Wedding Photography Prices Not Shown On Websites? Check if they are available for your date and if so arrange to meet with them in person. Why Choosing Your Photographer Is Like Choosing Your Wedding Dress. Book the one whose work you love AND you feel most comfortable with - you will be spending the most time with them on your wedding day so connection is really, really important! 10 Things Your Wedding Photographer Wants You to Know Remember you often get what you pay for so don’t decide just on price! What's The Biggest Mistake Couples Can Make On Their Wedding Day? Choosing A Photographer On Price! Over the years of your married life the cost now will be insignificant compared to the life long memories of your wedding day and the family heirlooms created in your wedding album and film.

If I said to you rate the kind of wedding you want from 1 - 10. One being the worst wedding you have ever been to and 10 being the most awesome talked about wedding for the rest of your lives together - how many of you would aim for a 5 - an average wedding? I’m taking a punt that’s NOT what you want for your precious wedding day. So if you want an above average wedding be aware you will probably have to pay above average prices on things - at least the things you decide are the most important - non negotiable aspects of your wedding. Just remember that long after the music has finished, the cake has been eaten, the flowers have wilted and the dress has been stored - ALL that is left of your magical day will be your wedding photo album and film! How much is immortality worth - if we are truthful, it’s actually priceless! What Do Professional Photographers Look For In A Wedding Photographer When They Are Getting Married?

Have your Engagement Shoot (we include this complimentary for our couples) - and you can use those photos for your Save The Date Cards! These can be part of your overall wedding stationary design, or totally separate, and are sent out in advance (usually around 10 months our) to let people know you have your wedding date and they should mark it in their dairy. A formal invitation with all the details will follow much closer to the actual date of the wedding (usually 6-8 weeks out). 10 Top Engagement Shoot Locations In Perth Western Australia

If you ware planning to attend Wedding Expos, Open Days or just canvas lots of quotes from suppliers and vendors its a good idea to set up a dedicated Wedding Email Address - that way everything weddings is in one place and not mixed up with your personal or work email. Some couples also decide to set up a #Hashtag for their wedding for people to post photos on social media platforms, or even a dedicated Website with a password to keep all their friends, family and guests informed.


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