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Ways To Have A Calm and Relaxed Wedding Morning

The week before the wedding will always be totally chaotic and hectic - that’s weddings! But on your actual wedding morning you will feel a mixture of excitement and nervousness - so you want things around you to be as tranquil, relaxed and enjoyable as possible. The last thing you need is to be stressed out, rushing or putting out spot fires on the day. The key is to do a little prep work before hand to avoid any potential problems. Here are some tried and true solutions for a calm wedding morning.

1. Go to Bed Early Night

With excitement and a few wedding nerves it will probably take you longer to actually go to sleep so plan on going to bed earlier than usual. Make sure the room you are in is well ventilated, at a comfortable temperature with fresh, crisp sheets and the bed and pillow are comfortable. Ideally, there should be no lound noises like traffic etc. You can also try a few home remedies like having a warm bath before bed, listening to Whitenoise or a Yin Yoga App on your phone. You could listen to a playlist of calming songs on iTunes or Spotify or play a CD you like such as Kakadu by Tony O’Connor or Songs From A Secret Garden by Secret Garden.

2. Dress & Accessories Ready

Iron or steam anything that needs it coming out of the garment bags ahead of time. Hang up your dress and make sure stickers and tags are off EVERYTHING - lingerie, shoes, accessories etc. Lay out your lingerie, garter, jewellery etc all on one table. If you are bringing a clutch bag have your essentials inside it - tissues, touch up make-up, vows, speeches etc. If you have the bridesmaids dresses and accessories there with you, it can be done for them as well. This will mean that when your wedding photographer and videographer arrive they can easily start with those gorgeous “detail” shots first and everything will be ready for you to slip into when your hair and make-up is finished.

3. Relaxation

Put a bit of time in your schedule for the wedding day for yourself to help you relax in private - it might be meditation, yoga or mindfulness activities or it could be organising a massage first thing. You want to make sure any anxiety or nervousness is released before you start your morning.

4. Don't Forget to Eat

Brides have known to be too excited or anxious on the wedding morning to eat - it’s so important that you have a good healthy breakfast to get you through the day without feeling bloated or sick, and to organise some grazing boards or snacks for you and your attendants whilst you are getting ready - because you are likely to skip a proper lunch. By all means celebrate with some bubbles but pace yourself and don’t have too much - it's a long day ahead and you are the star with all eyes on you, so you want to be in tip-top form for your ceremony and portraits - then on to the reception formalities and party-time!

Plan for the food and beverages ahead of time to make life easier on the day - if you are getting ready in a hotel this will be very simple to organise - even the night before.

5. Pamper Yourself

Run a warm bath with essential oils burning (not in the bath), flower petals, candles, relaxing music etc and just sink into the relaxation to start your day, especially if your head is filled with a million and one thoughts and you are feeling scattered. Dab yourself dry in a luxuriously soft towel and apply some body moisturiser to your warm damp skin to let it really soak in. Do your usual facial routine and ensure you are well moisturised for that dewy look.

6. Hair and Make-Up

When you have your hair and make-up trials you will need to have timed how long they took so you can schedule the right amount of time on the day and to ensure any products used don’t cause you any reactions. Your hairdresser and make-up artist will also have given you some tips on how to prepare your skin and hair for them ahead of time so that it will be perfect on the day eg hair is usually washed a few days before and only conditioned on the ends.

7. Robes and PJs

Some brides spend the night before with their bridesmaids in a hotel near the venue and they often coordinate nice PJs or silky satin robes - which can be a sweet addition to your wedding album photography. Even if you are getting ready alone, I always suggest my brides have a robe that makes them feel glamorous, sensual and fabulous as this comes through in their getting ready photographs.

8. Calming Candles or Room Diffuser

Have a room diffuser or candle with a naturally calming essential oil like Patchouli, Lavender or Sandalwood (provide there are no allergies?) that you can use on the wedding morning to fill the room with a relaxing aroma and it will also remind you of your wedding day every time you smell that scent in the future.

9. Relaxing or Happy Romantic Music

Organise at least one play list on iTunes or Spotify for your wedding morning - it can be all tranquil relaxing music or it can be all sweet love songs with varying tempos that are meaningful to you, or you really enjoy and boost those endorphins! If you are getting ready elsewhere make sure you have a portable speaker to take with you.


The week (or a few days) before you need to have confirmed ALL the timings with your vendors and wedding party and be sure that all is under control for the flowers, cake, decor, cars, hair and make-up etc. And everyone has a copy of the document with contact details and timings so they are all on the same page and everyone knows what is happening, where they should be and when. The wedding morning is NOT the place to be chasing anything up - it’s time to relax and get ready for your amazing wedding day.

11. Choose Your Inner Circle Carefully

Even if you are usually laid back and totally chilled, on your wedding day you might find yourself anxious, nervous or stressed - it’s call the “Wedding Day Jitters” - it’s totally normal. So you need to make sure those around you on that morning will have a calming affect and support you - not add to the mayhem or stress. This means you might limit who gets ready with you on your wedding morning, and who arrives already dressed ready go! The less people there the more relaxed you will be! If you have children, organise for them to get ready elsewhere and come to you no more than a half hour before you leave - the day is for you to be the centre of attention not them and children don’t get that.

You need at least one private room (usually a master bedroom and ensuite) totally to yourself and your photographer/videographer. This should be away from anyone else getting ready or vendors attending such as your make-up artist or hairdresser or your attendants and parents (if relevant). That’s why it’s so important that you connect with the vendors you choose, trust them and feel supported by them. You can relax knowing they’ve got this and are as invested in your wedding being amazing as you are!

Discourage any “well wishers” or extra visitors on the morning of your wedding. Explain in advance to people that you will need your privacy getting ready and they can leave a note under the door or nominate someone in your wedding party to answer any last minute questions but not let anyone in. This will minimise the chaos, avoid any panic and take the pressure off you to enjoy your day fully.

12. Allow Buffer Time

Always allow a buffer of time when you put your wedding day schedule together - things can get held up, take a little longer or not go to plan on the day, so having a bit of wriggle room will take the stress and pressure off.

You never want to feel rushed if timings for things, like hair and make-up, go over - that’s why I advise my brides to be FIRST for hair and NEXT for make-up. You need to be ready in your robe before your photographer/videographer arrive and generally allow 2 hours with them. Then have some time to get in the mood and ready to leave so they can leave ahead of you and get to the ceremony before you.

If there will be a “Reveal/First Look” this will need extra time and if you are giving out gifts to people this will also take time.

If you want photos with your car before you leave, or afterwards for portraits make sure you book the car for extra time (this is often forgotten in the logistics) and always allow time in case of traffic jams, detours or an unforeseen issues along the way.

Have the most amazingly calm, relaxed and beautiful start to your wedding day and starting your journey for the rest of your life in marriage “Happily Ever After”!


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