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We've Extended The Family - Australian Partners of Defence!

We were recently contacted out of the blue by the Australian Partners of Defence (APOD) because some of their members who were getting married had seen us on Easy Weddings

and they wanted to invite us to join their defence discount and recognition program.

Both Vince's Dad, John (RAF) and mine, Jock (RAAF) served in the Defence forces, and I grew up from the age of 9yrs old travelling Australia to the various postings by Dad had. So we were both keen to find out more!

They are the only official defence discount platform in Australia.backed by the Australian Government (DVA), with over 127,000 members Australia wide, all either current or past serving defence force personnel. They are currently growing by approximately 2,500 members monthly. Business Partners are given the opportunity to say thank you to the defence community for their service to our country by being invited to offer some sort of discount or deal such as a percentage saving, set dollar discount, value add on or upgrade and must be unique and genuine!

All of our Collections are already well priced and exceptional value for combined photography, videography and all the extras we already include for all our couples - so we decided to offer some value added gifts that we have never combined together before! Here is a screen shot of our advert and generous offer to APOD Members!

So if you are an APOD Member or know someone who is, please let them know West Coast Weddings is proud to support the defence community!

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