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Your Wedding Day Is Here!

Your Wedding Morning To-Do List

  • Follow the Plan Ways To Have A Calm And Relaxed Wedding Morning

  • Eat - you might feel like your tummy is full of butterflies and don’t want to eat. But please try and eat a healthy breaky - even if it’s just a high protein bar! Also plan to have grazing boards or snack for everyone whilst you are getting ready because you will likely skip lunch. Brides have fainted on their wedding day because of not eating - don’t be one of them!

  • Drink Plenty of H2O - good hydration is the key to great skin and dewy glow! Many brides start celebrating with Champagne as they are getting ready - just pace yourself and don’t overdo it to ensure you are fighting-fit and alert for your ceremony!

  • Who’s your Neat Freak? Have someone on duty to make sure wherever you are getting ready stays tidy and clean so that your “getting ready” photos don’t look like a bomb went off in the background.

  • Who’s the Delivery Person? Delegate someone to be responsible to collect or receive deliveries of any last minute things (eg flowers, decorating items, wedding cake etc).

  • Who’s the Timekeeper? Nominate someone in your wedding party to keep and eye on the clock and make sure everything is going as planned in the Running Sheet/Schedule.

  • Who’s the Banker? Most of your wedding vendors will have been paid well beforehand (usually 6-4 weeks out) but if there are some vendors/suppliers you need to pay on the day with cash make sure the money is in clearly marked envelopes, entrusted to one of your wedding party on the day and those suppliers know who that person is!

Your Wedding Day Ceremony To-Do List

  • Who’s the Organiser? If you don’t have a wedding planner or coordinator on the day, then choose a family member, or friend, who is super efficient at organising with great attention to detail skills, to arrive early at the ceremony and check everything is as it should be and sort out anything that’s not.

  • Who’s the Ring Bearer? Traditionally the rings are given to the best man to hold during the ceremony but it might be a small child or even your dog. Make sure someone is responsible for them arriving safely into the officiant or celebrant's hands at the right time.

  • Who is the Keeper of the Certificate? After the signing of the register and your certificate is presented make sure you have someone who know they will be looking after it until the end of the evening - so it doesn't get lost!

Wedding Day Reception To-Do List

  • Who is the Keeper of the Cards and Gifts? Your reception venue will have organised with you to have somewhere to put cards, gifts and/or a wishing well. But you still need to have a trusted friend or family member who will be responsible for looking after them and taking them home either to deliver to your home, or keep at theirs until after your honeymoon.

  • Who is the Problem Solver? Delegate someone to be the person to deal with any issues and solve any problem at your reception. If you have a venue co-ordinator or wedding planner overseeing things then make sure you make the introductions beforehand so they know who to talk to.

  • Who’s Your People Wrangler for Photographs? It can be like herding cats trying to get family members together for the family photos so your photographer will likely ask for someone who knows all the people required who has the skills to organising them ready for the photographs. Make sure this person knows well ahead of the wedding about their job, and also give the heads up to any people who will required for photos ahead of the wedding so they know not to do a disappearing act.

  • Time Out You will both have been surrounded by other people all day long, take at least 10 - 15 minutes out just to be alone in private as a newly married couple.


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