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Terms & Conditions


West Coast Weddings is a husband and wife team offering combined photography and video services. We do not separate our services. If you do not wish to have video coverage you will then have two photographers and a Bespoke Quote provided commensurate with our normal Collections.


All Collections come with an allocated album. Album upgrades are available for the Classic and Elegant Collections for additional cost. The Luxury Collection has an album that can be expanded to accommodate additional spreads for more layouts for additional cost. All Collections include an online gallery, gallery images optimised for social media and retouched album images (printable up to 8x12) on a Bespoke West Coast Weddings USB. We do not sell digitals only.

Collection prices are for Perth City and NOR Locations up to a 30km radius from Tapping 6065. Locations outside of this MAY attract and additional travel charge. Destination weddings require a Bespoke Quote for travel expenses.




To secure your wedding date in our diary, a booking fee of 30% for your chosen collection or bespoke quote is required to reserve event coverage for the services specified in the signed Contracts. Since this prohibits us releasing this date to any other couple who enquire, this fee is non-refundable. Provided your wedding occurs on the original date booked, the full amount of the reservation fee will be gifted against the cost of your chosen collection or bespoke quote. The remaining 70% can be paid incrementally up to 6 weeks before the wedding day but the total must be paid in full not less than 6 weeks prior to the wedding date. Any additional payments made prior to the wedding date are strictly non-refundable.


Upon the signing of the Contracts and receipt of the 30% booking fee, West Coast Weddings will reserve the date and time agreed upon and indicated in the contracts and will not make another reservation for that specific date and time frame.

Once the client has agreed to the album design, the client will be required to pay 100% upfront for any upgrades before the studio begins production. Album upgrades, Wall Art or Artwork and print orders (and any other associated extras) must be paid in full prior to production. We do NOT sell digital only collections. 


All clients must sign Service Contracts which include a model release relevant to their Collection coverage and adhere to all conditions within them. At all times West Coast Weddings retains full copyright, artistic license and ownership of all images or video footage taken. Clients are given a non-exclusive, permission for personal use only license over any images or films purchased. They are not permitted to share them with vendors or for any commercial purpose. Vendors wishing to use any images must work directly with West Coast Weddings to gain permission and pay any associated commercial license costs.


Client’s agree to attend the design planning sessions and ensure they subsequently provide sufficient time and access to any wedding rehearsal and on the wedding day, to enable the photographer(s)/videographer(s) to capture the agreed shot lists required. The clients’ fully understand that any failure to provide the necessary time and access (whether within or outside of their control) impacts the ability to complete the agreed shot lists and they agree to fully indemnify West Coast Weddings accordingly, from non-delivery of any shots not covered as a result.


Drone coverage by a CASA licensed commercial drone pilot is an optional extra, but is dependent on weather, airspace restrictions or other limitations on the given day, so this may not always be possible. If the approval assessments indicate the the drone cannot be flown West Coast Weddings is not responsible to provide any drone coverage, however any payment made for this service can be credited against album upgrade or other artwork product purchase.


Due to Copyright and Licensing Restrictions, any music selection for your media will be chosen by West Coast Weddings. We purchase and include an individual AMCOS license for your wedding video which allows snippets of any copyrighted music that was playing during your wedding and recorded by the video to be shown for your private use only (this cannot be put onto the internet). However, if you require a specific song to be used as the score for your video or slide show, West Coast Weddings can liaise with the legal copyright holders and ask for a quotation for a Wedding Film License for that song. The client is fully responsible for ALL associated costs, including time ($60 per hour or part there of) spent by West Coast Weddings to negotiate it, even if the license is denied.



Time frame for delivery of final videos is generally within 6-8 weeks from the wedding date, but if there are extra review cycles this can push the date out further. 


Time frame for your Album and Artwork Consultation and ordering appointment for photographic artwork is usually 6-8 weeks from the wedding date. Depending on the products you choose for your photographs, a delivery/collection appointment is generally around 4 weeks, but can be up to 12 weeks from the ordering appointment date for your order to arrive. All products ordered must be paid in full at the ordering appointment. The Studio has eftpos available for your convenience. 

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