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Wedding Features

Emotion in Motion

Our Wedding Feature Videos come complete with licensed music tracks for personal use that compliment the mood and vibe of your Wedding Day, as well as key audio soundbites recorded during your Ceremony and Reception, such as Wedding Vows and Speeches. 

We can also arrange for additional music licenses (additional cost) if you wish to share your tvideo to your favourite social media channel and share it with your family and friends!

Highlight Videos

Highlight Videos

Our Story

Our Wedding Features capture all the emotion in motion of your beautiful wedding day, and distal the magic down to a six to ten minute, professionally edited video that tells the whole story of your day with vivid viusal detail and crystal clear audio.

Well before your Wedding Day we strive to learn as much as possible about your love for one another, and we use these personal insights to create a story-driven Wedding Feature that is completely unique and which captures the essence and romance of your special day.


Our no-obligation discovery meetings are a great place for us to start learning about you both, and we follow this up with some questionnaires and more friendly conversations during your Engagement Shoot. The better we know you both the more authentically we can portray your love.

We use a minimum of two professional video cameras to capture your wedding from different angles simultaneously, enabling us to artfully edit your video in post-production. We also capture vast amounts of 'B-roll' video footage, often shot using a combination of slow-motion video techniques and aerial drone shots, and weave these supporting shots into your Wedding Feature to provide a rich and immersive visual experience to your viewers. 


At West Coast Weddings we also pride ourselves in recording the highest quality audio possible during the ceremony and speeches as it's often the audio track that drives the visual story-telling. We use a combination of lavalier microphones - discrete, self-contained lapel microphone & recorder systems that can be worn by both the bride and the groom, as well as your priest or celebrant, and portable audio recorders that plug into the ceremony and DJ/reception PA systems to obtain noise-free recordings from a variety of sources.  During the post-production process we select the highest quality audio recording available and mix in ambient sounds to create a truly multi-dimensional audio track that recreates the beauty of your spoken words.

We focus on bringing to life the unique story of your Wedding Day so that you relive the emotions and experiences every time you watch your Wedding Feature. 

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