Our Films & Video

At West Coast Weddings we carefully and skillfully craft emotive, story-driven wedding films that rise above simplistic documentary-style videos and which tell the whole story of your wedding day, blending audio and video to create a unique masterpiece in which you're the star!

Vince is a perfectionist and his creative use of drone video and slow-motion will turn your wedding day into a unique cinematic blockbuster just for you!

Trailer Videos

Our Wedding Trailers will give you, your family and your friends, a quick sneek peek of your wedding day.


As a short teaser video, our Trailers range from between 30 and 120 seconds in length (depending on your selected Collection), and these videos are optimised for posting on social channels. 


We'll also deliver your Wedding Trailer to you quickly so you can relive the emotions of of your day and share them with your loved ones.

Highlight Films

Our Wedding Hightlight Films are story-driven creations that weave the magic of your love into the retelling of your wonderful Wedding Day.


We capture all of the emotion in motion throughout the day and skillfully blend in the highlights of the professionally recorded audio to create a cinematic experience that will retell the story of your wedding day for years to come.