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Finding Your Perfect Wedding Vendors Is As Easy As1,2,3!

Updated: May 22, 2022

Nowadays there are so many different options to choose from and so many varied vendors and suppliers for every aspect of your wedding, it can be difficult to find your “perfect match”. But don’t get disheartened or overwhelmed, you can find your perfect creative team by following 3 simple steps…here’s how!

1. Let your fingers do the walking - Online!

Whilst you still might buy wedding magazines and mark your favourite pages, or even tear them out to keep in a kind of wedding planning scrapbook - you can find so much inspiration online from the comfort of your laptop or smartphone. Using Pinterest or Instagram you can save or pin things that inspire you or fit with the theme and feel you want to create. When you see several things you have saved or pinned from the same vendor or supplier you can start to get a list of the companies who seem to fit your style and taste.

You can always narrow down the search using hashtags for specific services within a specific location. Some suppliers will also have lists of other wedding vendors and suppliers they have worked with and can recommend (check out the ones who’s work we have seen firsthand and love…. VENDORS WE LOVE).

2. Time to check them out on Social Media and Websites!

The people you have found who’s work inspires you are the ones you need to research further by checking them out on their social media - so follow them and check out their websites. Don’t just look at their images, check out the content they write, any testimonials, comments or feedback you can see - so you can get to know who they, what they value and what other people think of them and their experiences in using their services. Check out their Google My Business pages, and see if there are reviews. Check out the information they have on their packages, additional services or FAQ pages. If they have a blog, look at the content they write - is it helpful, is it current and do they offer expert professional advice?

3. Time to arrange a Meet N Greet!

Whether you knew straight away they were the only one for you, or it took a lot of cross-matching and comparing to narrow down a short list of suppliers for a specific aspect of your wedding planning (eg venue, celebrant, photography etc) - it’s time to make contact and arrange to have a chat and get to know each other better in person, over the phone or via Zoom.

The most important thing is to go with your gut on who feels right for you and your wedding. This is especially true of vendors and suppliers you will be spending a lot of time with - such as your photographer and videographer. It’s so important to have the “right fit” and be comfortable with them. Budget can be an issue here, as you may fall in love with someone way out of your league - that’s why it’s so important to know where your priorities are if you have to reallocated funds to get the people you really want for the aspects of your wedding you value most. 5 SIMPLE STEPS TO START PLANNING YOUR DREAM WEDDING and 5 WAYS TO BUDGET FOR YOUR WEDDING

I explain to my couples that long after the music has stopped, the flowers have wilted, the cake has been eaten and the dress has been stored - all that will be left of your amazing wedding will be your wedding photo album and your film - these are priceless!

Also, remember that once you have found your “perfect match” - book them! Don’t risk having found the right one, that someone else will come along and snap up your wedding date leaving you disappointed and having to settle for second choice because you didn’t lock them in!

Happy hunting….


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