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The ULTIMATE Planning Guide for Your Wedding - 8 Months Out

Register for Gifts - this is a job for you and your finance to do together! You want to build a life and home together so you both have a stake in this. Depending if you are already living together or not, and how much you already have in the way of “essentials” between you, your list might not be for the basic stuff like sheets, towels, pots and pans etc. You can do this formally at certain stores where you pick out the exact items you would like, (usually across a range of prices) or you might just make your own list and have a family member be the contact person for guests who would like some ideas.

These gifts will be very special in your memories so take the time to think about some heirloom pieces you could treasure, such as special crockery, cutlery etc. Or you could have a wishing well where people donate money for you to decide on what you want later - this is less personal and sentimental but it really depends on what you as a couple would like to do. Some couples ask for donations to charity, others ask for money towards a certain kind of item or project - such as Wall Art of their favourite wedding photos or a wedding album upgrade of their dreams.

Select the Bridesmaids' Dresses and keep in mind the style of your gown and the colour theme or palette of your wedding. Bridesmaids come in all shapes and sizes so try to choose a design that will flatter ALL of their figures, or choose the colour and material and have different styles made for each one the suits their particular shape and taste. Mismatched dresses can add a different dimension to your wedding and photographs, but you do want to make sure they are in harmony with each other. If you can all go together to try things on and see how they “feel” in the dresses, that’s really helpful but sometimes not always possible. It is your wedding, but you want your nearest and dearest - which is why they are your bridesmaids - to feel great as well. After all they too will be on show in front of people for hours. Some Brides will pay for the gowns, others ask their Bridesmaids to pay for them - it all depends on your budget and personal circumstances.

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