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WA Bride and Wedding Summer Expo 9th January 2022

When I was a young bride planning my first wedding (yes I have been married more than once!) I had big dreams of how my wedding day would be but not a huge budget and a desire to spend my money on what really counted - even thought I wasn’t totally sure what that was. I had grand ideas of what the day would look like, feel like and the romance of being princess for a day that had been nurtured since I was a little girl! I soon found out that planning the biggest event of my life up to that point, was a huge task, and the excitement and joy could be quickly overtaken with confusion, overwhelm and stress!

Whilst there will be many vendors at our upcoming expo for all sorts of services you will require for your wedding, I want to specifically talk with you about your Wedding Photography and Videography (this is becoming essential as it captures your day in a totally different way).

With 25 different Wedding Photography companies all trying to get you to book their services at this one expo - how do you decide who is right for you? Aren’t they basically just all offering the same service? Why are there such differences in prices? How can you tell if you are comparing the same or not (oranges with oranges or oranges with apples)? It’s so confusing - what if you choose the wrong one? If you go cheap will you regret it, if you go top shelf are you getting ripped off?

Pretty much every couple realise they will need someone to take photographs of their wedding - after all you are spending time, effort and a small fortune on this one special day and you want to remember it in every detail and with all its sparkle and significance. Whether that’s a high end accredited professional or Uncle Joe with his trusty point n shoot is up to you!

If you are reading this blog, I’m guessing you already realise that after the flowers have wilted, the cake has been eaten and the dress has been stored, all you will have left of your big day will be your photographs and film (if you choose that). So you also realise that Uncle Joe probably is not really up to the job and not the best person to trust with your precious wedding day memories.

So that is what probably leads you to trundling along to the Wedding Expo in search of the right person (usually with the right price in mind) to cover your wedding photography and maybe videography. But be careful, those oranges and oranges you think you are comparing are most likely not even oranges and apples, they can be more like oranges and mangoes!

Okay enough with the fruit analogies - basically NOT ALL WEDDING PHOTOGRAPHERS AND VIDEOGRAPHERS are the same, and what they are offering in their packages/collections are often not the same - even through they may look similar on paper!

Like most things in life you get what you pay for, some people calling themselves Wedding Photographers are really just amateurs (that said some are quite good), with no training, none or limited professional equipment who are doing it as a sideline to their day job. Others may be a professional photographer trained in another genre (such as families, commercial, pets etc) who are trying to expand their scope due to Covid but actually don’t have any Wedding Training as such - trust me each of the genres of photography is very different and requires specific skill sets and training! I know because I am specifically trained in several of them. So just because a photographer can take a nice photo of your dog does not mean they can do justice to your Wedding photographs! Even among professionally, accredited photographers such as myself, there are huge differences in photographic style, creativity, post production/editing skills and above all their personality, empathy and people skills! That’s why we offer an obligation free Design Consultation to get to know each other better before you make such a huge decision, and we encourage you to have a Pinterest “Moodboard” with the kind of images you love so we can ensure you get the right fit for your wedding. We offer all our couples a complimentary engagement/couple shoots to let you get the feel of working with us and build that trusting relationship you need to have with the people you are trusting your wedding memories with - there are no second chances when it comes to Weddings!

With the expanse of social media and selfies, everyone is wanting digitals! But beware those who offer Digital Only - the lack of any substantial product offerings is generally an indicator that the person is one of those “moonlighters” who doesn’t want the overheads or maybe have the skill required in designing and providing albums or other products. They will tell you they will give you a squillion images on a disc or USB which might sound good initially - but these are likely to be mostly sub standard, and at best might have a “preset” put over them rather than being professionally edited. Some Brides constrained by budget will opt for Digital Only thinking they will print out their photos later when they have more money - trust me they either never do and that disc or USB lays in a drawer likely to be lost, damaged and the photographs never seen again. We know from talking with Brides who made this mistake (including myself) that it ends up a huge regret. Even if they do print some out the quality of the products through online or departments stores is not archival, colours are never correct and their memories fade and look shabby and low quality. We give social media digitals of ALL your gallery images and high resolution digitals (printable up to 8”x12”) of all your album images - so you can share them with family and friends.

Brides tell me what they really want is to have their memories in a tangible, beautiful wedding album they can easily show to family and friends and look through as many times as they like. Some also want Wall Art to showcase their favourite wedding images in their home and see every day. That’s why I have sourced the highest quality, Australian made artisan products for you at the best value price! It’s also why right up front all of our Collections already include a gorgeous album, and a film so there are no surprises down the track - your memories are complete. There is of course the option to upgrade things or purchase extra products but that is totally at your discretion, nothing is hidden or deceptive in the way we work or treat you - that’s not our style!

Videography is often an afterthought for many couples, but let me tell you that our experience has shown that couples who ask themselves Do I really need a Videographer and are the worth it? always say it was the absolute best decision they made - even through the might have initially been reserved about whether they wanted one or not. We recognise the value of having this extra way to capture your day and that’s why ALL our Collections include Videography and a film. If you compare our Collection prices to those of sourcing a photographer and videographer separately you will soon realise what great value we are offering. If you do decide you just want Photography that’s fine we can replace it with an album upgrade and second shooter on the day - the choice is always yours.

Video Testimonial from Norelle Abbott:

Choosing the right people to trust your wedding photography and videography with is one of the most important decisions you will make in planning your wedding - you are invited to chat to us at our stand at the WA Wedding and Bride Summer Expo on Sunday the 9th January 2022 at the Claremont Showgrounds where you can ask all the questions you like and see if we are the right fit for you!

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