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Why Are Wedding Photography Prices Not Shown on Websites?

It might seem totally logical that when you are searching on the internet for your wedding photography and/or videography that you should be able to see the prices they charge for their service or packages (we call them collections!!!) that way you can compare them against each other to work out who to choose! After all they are all offering the same thing aren’t they? It makes perfect sense!

If you need petrol for your car - you know it’s the same everywhere - so you just shop around to get it at the best price! That’s smart!

So why do some photographers show their prices on their website and other’s don’t - making you think they have something to hide - maybe their too expensive - like walking into Tiffany’s or Gucci where if you have to ask the price you can’t afford it - so just don’t go there! Or are they just being pains in the butt making you have to contact them to find out?

I’ll let you in on an untapped secret - wedding photography is NOT THE SAME THING AS PETROL - it’s NOT a comparable commodity!

We choose not to put our prices on our website not because we are trying to hide anything, trick you or because we are so expensive if you have to ask the price you can’t afford us. Nothing could be further from the truth - we are totally transparent and upfront with our couples and we know that we are well priced in the market offering great value for money and high quality images, products and service. Some other photographers are charging our prices just for their time - no album, no videographer and no film or USB! We also work from a story drive approach which is totally different from most other photographers and videographers and we offer many extra complimentary services (like a free engagement shoot, a bespoke design consultation, scoping out of your venues and locations and attending your rehearsal) to ensure you get only the best on your day!

What we don’t know is how much our couples know or don’t know about wedding photography and videography - and they might actually think they are comparing “apples to apples” on paper but in fact they are trying to compare things that are actually very different! We want the chance to show our clients how we are different - we want the chance to explain not just WHAT we do, but WHY and HOW we do it!

We understand that to get the best out of your wedding photography you need to connect and feel comfortable with the people you will be spending pretty much all of your wedding day with - so we invite you to share some drinks and nibbles at our home studio, totally obligation free, just so we can get to know each other better and see if the “fit”is right for your wedding. We can also offer this Meet N Greet via Zoom if that's more convenient for you.

That’s why we don’t put the prices directly on our website!

Contact, Text or Call Us on 0412 562 832 NOW to find out how we could be the “perfect match” for you!


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