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If you want to be the same as the “Jones”, being a sheep that follows the crowd - then I’m probably not the best fit for you as your wedding photographer. At West Coast Weddings we offer a bespoke service, not the same old thing everyone else is doing. We don’t try to fit a square peg into a round hole - our service is totally customised for your day, your way capturing what's important to you! We creatively combine photographs, video and drone to capture your day from every angle in you photographs and film.

But “dinna fash” (don’t be bothered or worried) we won’t leave you high and dry having to come up with all the ideas yourself either, we offer our creative expertise and experience to advise you on things you might not have thought of and help you manage your expectations of the day of what’s possible and what’s not depending on the look and feel you're going for and the time you have available. If you are looking for “cheap and nasty”, near enough is good enough photographs because you don’t understand or value the emotional investment in these artworks of your moments in time, then I’m definitely not the photographer for you. At West Coast Weddings we give you nothing but the very best of everything - quality that does cost just that little bit extra and will require adequate time.

Sure I want to give you amazing images that you will treasure for the rest of your life, capturing these special moments and turning them into memories - but that’s not enough - I want you to remember how you felt when I took that photograph, the images should transport you back to the moment you shared and invoke the feelings and sensations you experienced at that point in time, on your big day - it’s about the whole experience of enjoyment in creating these memories together - not just the awesome photos and film at the end.

Classic, timeless, elegant images need detailed planning and organisation as much as they do anticipation and spontaneity. That’s why we book a complimentary pre wedding design session with you and your fiancé, to ensure that we completely understand what it is your hearts desire for your wedding day, and the essential images that will make you “feel” the day all over again when you look at them. This means making time to meet and turning up on time to appointments, with mutual respect and a connection between the couple and the photographer as the creative team. So if you can never get anywhere on time, or think it’s okay to just not show up to appointments then I’m not the photographer for you - my clients value their time and mine. They are investing in their memories and want to ensure we create the best on the day - that's why at West Coast Weddings we also offer a complimentary engagement shoot - so we can get to know each other and be totally comfortable working together ensuring that on your wedding day things run as smoothly and stress free as possible and you get the best out of your wedding photography experience.

I don’t try to please all of the people all of the time - I just concentrate on giving YOU the best wedding day experience imaginable and capturing those moments frozen in time, turning them into precious memory reminders in the artworks I create uniquely for you - you're not like everyone else, so neither should your images be. “The Lion does not concern himself with the options of the sheep“ Tywin Lannister - do you?


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