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Special Wedding Touches That Photograph Well!

Because we shoot lots of different weddings we get to see all the “bits n pieces” couples include, and some of them are absolutely essential to how well your wedding photographs will look…I confess I am a bit of an Etsy lover and purchase many things from there…but I want to be clear that any stores below are purely for example – I don’t get any kind of “kick back” from any of them and there are many other wonderful stores providing similar items, so please don’t think they are being specifically recommended – just a starting point for you to explore…..enjoy!

Detail shots like your dress, the groom’s suit, or bridesmaid’s dresses etc always look nicer if they are on a gorgeous wooden coat hanger (most come in natural, white or black) rather than a plain plastic or wire one. If you already have a nice wooden hanger and don’t like the idea of personalising it forever – you could go with a removable custom “Hanger Tag” instead. They can also make nice gift ideas for your wedding party to keep as a momento.

It’s usually the Bride and Bridesmaids who want shots of them in matching PJ’s or Robes – but there is no reason the guys can’t also do this with silky boxers or robes if they want.

Even if you are not after photos of everyone before they get ready – the BRIDE is ESSENTIAL Some more confident Brides will want specific Lingerie or Boudoir shots but ALL Brides will need something to wear because their dress will be photographed on it’s own, as well as them getting into it. That’s where a luxurious robe fits in!

With so many couples writing their own wedding vows these days (so sentimental and precious), they just don’t look that great in the ceremony photos when they are just printed on an A4 piece of paper or reading them off their phone! Why not consider a vow booklet or wedding card that will make a beautiful keepsake of your ceremony, or have them photographed to include in your wedding album along with any stationary you are using.

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