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The ULTIMATE Planning Guide for Your Wedding -11 Months Out

Time to Say YES TO THE DRESS!!!

If you are having a civil ceremony decide on the right Celebrant for your wedding - check their availability and ask if they include a rehearsal (also check that this can be done at the time your wedding will actually happen - this is essential to checking out the lighting for your photography and videography). Ask about the types of ceremonies they offer - can you write your own vows? Do they include things like a signing table, PA system etc. Book the one you feel comfortable with as the person who will marry you.

Say YES to the DRESS! Start shopping for your Wedding Dress - make sure you get to try it on to be sure it’s the ONE! Be open minded - search Bridal Magazines, Pinterest, Instagram, Designers, Real Brides. What attracts you - backless, embellishments, lace, bling, fitted silhouettes, princess ballgowns, sleeves, strapless etc?

What are you comfortable wearing? eg if you have large arms or bad skin you wont want a strapless number. Look at your figure, and be honest with yourself, where are your best assets that you want to emphasise and which parts of you would you rather minimise or not have on display? This can help you when considering the kind of wedding dress silhouette that will not only flatter your figure but match your personality and sense of style! Some general rules to help you out are:

  • An A line gown is flattering on almost every bride - so if you want to play things safe this is a great choice.

  • Anything gathered around the waist (pleats, gathers, ruching etc) will magnify making you look thicker, so look for a higher waist and loose skirt on these type of gowns.

  • For a fuller tummy (or if you are expecting) an empire line gown which falls just under the bust line is most flattering.

  • A fitted sheath, mermaid, or trumpet gown will accentuate your natural curves or can even create the illusion of curves if you don’t have any but it is not suitable for the vertically challenged - such as myself.

  • Choose a gown to suit the style and practicality for your ceremony, portraits and reception locations.

  • Comfort - can you move, sit down, go to the toilet etc in the gown is also a big consideration. You will be in the dress for a long time - so you need to feel confident and comfortable in it.

  • How does it make you “FEEL” - can you visualise yourself getting married in it?Why Choosing Your Photographer Is Like Choosing Your Wedding Dress

Do all this research BEFORE you go to the Bridal Shop so you at least have an idea of what you might like - but stay open because honestly when you find the perfect ONE it might be nothing like you initially thought or imagined, but you will know! Don’t worry about the sizing - designers are always on the smaller side so most brides end up in a dress at least 2 sizes larger than they normally wear! Make sure you book your follow-up appointments for fittings etc in advance as they fill up quickly and you don’t want to be stressed out about timelines.

You might wonder why you have to decide and order the dress so far in advance? Your perfect dress will often be made to your measurements, some elements such as crystals or lace may need to be sourced from overseas and hand beading and embroidery can take weeks just for that part. Brides will often loose weight before the wedding, and the dress may again need alterations just before the wedding date - that’s why there are several fittings required! It’s also important to have someone with you at your final fitting who can learn to bustle the train if you’re having one. When budgeting for your dress you need to also budget for alternations and any accessories such as veil, headpiece, jewellery, shoes and lingerie etc.

  • 11 mths - Buy your Dress

  • 5 mths Find your Accessories and choose an Alternations Specialist

  • 3 mths Dress Arrives



  • 2 Weeks Final Fitting -try on with ALL YOUR ACCESSORIES

  • 1 Week pick up dress - it will come in a protective garment bag. If flying for a destination wedding don’t put in checked luggage - it’s hand luggage!

If you are in a time-crunch you can also go “Off the Rack” this may limit the choice a bit but even with alternations can all be done in a short as a 1 week turn around. Or if you are of average height and sizing you could hire a gown.

Once you have decided on your Dress, consider the accessories to go with it and try them on together. Do you want to have a veil ? - if so it’s essential to make sure that it compliments your dress so make sure you try a variety of styles and lengths when you are in your dress to check how they look together. Should You Wear A Wedding Veil?

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