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The ULTIMATE Planning Guide for Your Wedding -10 Months Out

Start to research the other essential Vendors you will need - eg Catering and Drinks (if venue not providing), Florist, Musician/DJ, Cars, Cake Artist etc. Finding Your Perfect Wedding Vendor Is As Easy As 1,2,3! and VENDORS WE LOVE

If you can attend an Expo or Open Day this is a great way to find people and be able to compare and contrast the wide variety of offerings. Where food and drink is concerned always try to organise a tasting in advance before deciding on any menus, wines etc. You don’t have to have your dream bouquet, wedding cake or favourite playlist of songs at the ready at this point - these finer details can come much later, but you do need to choose people who’s work you like and who have availability for your date - if you find someone you absolutely have to have then book them in where you can and sort out the nitty gritty details later! You will have time for this but why wait when you have found what you’re looking for?

Start getting inspiration and thinking about the overall design you want for your wedding and reception - style, colour themes and palettes etc.

Send out your Save the Date Cards. Remember protocol dictates whomever you send a Save the Date Card MUST also get a Formal Wedding Invitation later - so only send them to the people you will be inviting to attend your actual wedding. You can have a totally different Save the Date Card design (such as using a photo from your Engagement Shoot) from your other wedding stationary suite you decide on later, or you can look now into any deals on all inclusive wedding stationary collections (try Etsy or Pinterest for ideas).

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